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Apollo Theatre Seating Plan

Apollo Theatre Seating Plan

With a small occupancy of 775, the seating of Apollo Theatre is spread all over four levels as the Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony. Stall has the largest seating capacity and is also closest to the stage.

Ticket prices of Stall section are quite higher as it is closest to the stage. If you are looking for best viewing seats then simply go for the front row seats of Stalls or Dress Circle. Ticket prices vary as the section is quite big.

Dress Circle is on the level 1 of the auditorium above the stalls. You can enjoy magnificent views of the stage from the first front rows of the section. Seats are not close to the stage, still viewers can enjoy some great views of the stage.

Upper Circle is located on level 2 above the Dress Circle, whereas highest seating tier is Balcony. You can enjoy some good bargain tickets. However, there could be restricted viewing seats.